Are you ready to build a small business doing work you have a REAL passion for? 

The 'Lifestyle Business Incubator' Will Help You Build a Small Business You Will LOVE…

Hi, my name is Ed Taylor, and most people call me Santa Ed, or That Santa Guy. I’m the founder the Lifestyle Business Incubator website. (I recently changed the name Encore Business Incubator to Lifestyle Business Incubator.) I created LBI to serve a very select group of people, people like me.

A. People, who are 50+ years old

B. People, who currently have, or would like to start, a Lifestyle business. By that I mean a business where you place Lifestyle, equal with, or above economic success.

C. People, who are or want to be a “solo-preneur” or have no more than 3 employees

FREE EDUCATIONAL WEBINAR “How to Create Your Core Concept & Clear Communications Doc”

Tuesday, July 19th 5:30 – 6:30PM Pacific Time

As part of the “launch” of the new Lifestyle Business Incubator I’m offering this session absolutely free and everyone who registers will also get access to the video recording and the accompanying examples FREE for 14 days.

This is an educational training session and there will be a Q & A session to make certain you understand how exactly how to create, and benefit from, this document.


If you want to build a business that is “all about the money”, or a business that requires many employees, what we offer here will not be a good fit for you.

If, on the other hand, you want, or need, to earn a good income, and it’s at least equally important for to travel, or be a caregiver for a family member, or create an income from a hobby, or a passion… anything where the lifestyle aspects of the business is at least as important as the money… you’re in the right place.

I have personally developed several small businesses, or streams of income, while in my 50’s & 60’s. All of the businesses are operated by just my wife and I… and we love what we do.

As you have probably guessed, one of my businesses is portraying Santa Claus. If you live in the US you have likely seen me in TV commercials and programs. I also make personal appearances as Santa at corporate & community events in and around Los Angeles. I also started and operate the largest online Santa Claus Training School in the world.

My wife Lori is a graphic artist, a website developer and watercolor painter.

We also have written, and Lori has illustrated, a children’s book.

Most importantly I have coached and mentored 100’s of small business owners and I’m very aware of the many unique challenges those of us 50+ face when it comes to starting and growing our small businesses.

 So far I have created, and curated, some terrific information for this website. I’m sure you will find the information helpful and eye-opening; I’m also adding new content every week.

Much of this content is available to our FREE Members… and that is a great place for you to start.

Simple click the “Non-Members Click Here” box on the left side above. Create your User Name & Password and see what this is all about.

Oh, and one final thing… If you’re interested in starting a business and would like some help getting it up and up & running please let me know I would love to talk with you… and also if you are currently operating a successful Lifestyle business, please let me know… I would love to talk with you too.


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