When Starting, or Building, a Small Business…

Nearly EVERYONE Fails to do this ONE THING that Would Save Time & Money & Dramatically Increase their Chances of Success…

and NO; it’s not a Business and Marketing Plans

I can’t remember a single solo-preneur or Lifestyle Entrepreneur ever telling me they started with a business and or marketing plan, most laugh when I ask the question and then explain how they just "had an idea."

I’m sure there's a place for Business & Marketing Plans and all of those formal documents that big business use. But it doesn't seem to be in small, or micro business start-ups

Here's the ONE THING you DO need… CLARITY!

More specifically you need the ability to CLEARLY communicate what you do, who benefits from what you do, how they benefit, why people should believe and trust you and how people can easily learn more about, or buy, what you are offering.

ALL of that is essential. And it would be nice if you could sprinkle in some "social proof", reviews, testimonials, etc., so people don’t just have to take your word for it. Do this make sense to you?

Successful business owners may not have a Business or Marketing Plan… but they can clearly describe the who, what, when, where, why and how of their businesses.

Here’s where it gets a bit tricky. The language.

You must find the language that CLEARLY describes AND the ability to do it in a way that is interesting, educational, compelling and persuasive without being “salesy” or “hypey”. It’s something of a tight-rope, but once you learn to walk it you separate yourself from many of your computers.

I have developed a 12-Step process for gaining this clarity and refining your language I call it a “Core Concept & Clear Communications Doc”


I’m not overstating it when I say that creating this document is the single most important thing you can do as an Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

That’s the reason it’s the first class I’m offering at EBI… and why I’m offering it FREE.

Step 1 Shift your thinking from features to benefits.

Most of us can describe what we do, or what we offer, really well. For example, I can say “I provide dentists with instructions on how to optimize their websites to achieve top Google rankings.” Or I can say “I appear at company parties as Santa Claus.” Both of these describe services I provide.


I could say, “I help dentists increase their patient base by helping them obtain and maintain top Google rankings.” Or, “I add an entire new level of fun to company Christmas parties by appearing as the most authentic Santa Claus people have ever seen.”

The person hiring Santa wants the party to be fun, the dentist want more patients… these are the benefits they are looking for. They do want a Santa, they want fun. They don’t want top Google rankings, they want clients.

Step 2 Identify or Create your “Competitive Advantage”

What do you bring that your competitors do not? Your unique experience? A money back guarantee? Quicker service? Unique materials?

As Santa one of my “competitive advantages” is my look, another is my authentic Ho Ho Ho, another is my experience. As I began to work with more and more celebrities that became something of a competitive advantage. It seems people like to say that the Santa that was on MTV, or on the Band Aid commercial was “their” Santa.

We go step-by-step through the process of identifying WHAT to talk about and then we work on the words, the language, that present what you do in the most interesting and compelling way.

When you complete this 12-Step process you will have a document that will help you in more ways than you can currently imagine. This one single document will improve your marketing, your networking, your website, your sales process, your News & Press Releases and every aspect of communicating about your business.

Even more important, the process of developing this document will give you a clarity you have never had about your actual business or your business concept. You will see things you simply have never seen before.

This document will also become a tool that allows you to seek & receive incredibly valuable insight from experts. If you will send this to people whose opinion you value you will get feed-back that would be nearly impossible to get in any other way.

You will use parts of the content in your website and your online profiles. You will use it when people ask what you do. You will use it if you are ever interviewed, which you will be if you keep doing what I suggest.

If you do what I suggest you will always be thinking about how you can refine the language, sharpen it up a little, add more, or better examples and testimonials. You will probably even add a little case study, a before and after of one of your customers.

FREE EDUCATIONAL WEBINAR- “How to Create Your Core Concept & Clear Communications Doc”

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This is an educational training session and there will be a Q & A session to make certain you understand how exactly how to create and benefit from this document.




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