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I’m NOT an expert at building big businesses selling out for millions… but I’m REALLY good at building little businesses that earn very nice incomes.

In fact, I’ve done that for nearly 40 years.

Even while in my 50’s & 60’s I’ve built 3 excellent little businesses. All allowing me to do work I REALLY enjoy while earning a nice high 5 figure, low 6 figure income. It’s not Santa Ed -name on - Will Ferrell Mark Wahlberggetting rich… but, as the ol’ saying goes, it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Much better!

Are you ready to start a Lifestyle Business? Or are you at least ready to explore the possibility?

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No Lost Time

After I wrote the paragraphs below I came back and added this paragraph so you can apply this strategy to your business. Be sure to read the last 2 sentences. This is not jus a story… it's a lesson you can use.

For more than 2 years now I’ve had this nagging feeling, this tension. On the one hand I want to help those 50+ build small business. These are so-called “Encore Entrepreneurs”. That term never really resonated with me. I wrote a little booklet, “How to Become and Encore Entrepreneur”. I conducted seminars and webinars on the topic… all the while the term bothered me.

Ultimately I developed a website,, but I still felt uneasy with the name.

Here’s my point…

I figured something would come to me in time, a word that I like better the “Encore Entrepreneur” … but I just kept going, I wrote the booklet, conducted the seminars, built the website. The entire time I wasn't’t loving it, but I kept going, building content and refining what the business is… I just kept going!

Today it hit me, “Lifestyle”!  People aren’t interested in becoming an “Encore Entrepreneur” but they are interested in having a “Lifestyle” Business. A business that allows them to do work they love, earn a nice income while also being able to have time to live the lifestyle they desire.

Seriously, this was one of those light bulb flashing ah-ha moments. Changing ONE WORD changed how the business would be perceived by others and even more importantly it changed the way I saw what I was doing. The excitement level jumped a 100 times… with a word.

Here’s the lesson…

Get started and plow ahead.

Everything I’ve created still applies with some minor modification. I made all the changes to the website in less than 20 minutes!

Had I waited to find “just the right name” I would have lost 2 years in development time.

Get started now, where you are, with what you have. Get started. Once you get hip deep in it, whatever it is, many new inspirations will come.


Here's the OTHER lesson…

YOUR story is interesting. Share your who, where, when, what, why & how… 

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